Ultimate list of (Most) Cannabis Concentrates


Are you a cannabis user looking to experiment with different concentrates? Confused by the many different types of concentrates available and how they compare? If so, then this is the post for you!  In this blog post we will explore various common types of cannabis concentrates. We'll look at what each concentrate contains, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. Let's get started...

Weed has been around since before humans existed, it's grown in every climate on earth, and it can be used recreationally or medicinally. One thing that hasn't changed about weed over time is that there are plenty of ways to consume it--from smoking a joint to vaporizing dry herbs--and one way people enjoy consuming weed now more than ever is by using concentrates. 

A concentrated extract made of oils, resins and other plant materials found in marijuana plants; providing more medicinal properties than when smoked on its own but not as intense as consuming raw cannabis either. Concentrates are a great way to get the most medicinal benefits from cannabis without smoking or ingesting it. 

A list of Cannabis Concentrates

Toker's Definition:  A concentrate is any product that contains cannabinoids extracted from cannabis. There are many different types of concentrates and each type contains varying levels of cannabinoids and terpenoids. The extraction process used to make a particular concentrate will determine its consistency, appearance (color, clarity), smell, taste, potency and effect on the human body.


Marijuana inside a piece of bubble hash? Known as "bubble" or "kief," this fine powdery substance can be produced from the marijuana plant in several different ways, but it usually involves collecting trichomes -- the tiny hairs filled with psychoactive resin that grow on many of the plant's flowers, leaves and stalks. 

Hash-able crystals and waxes are made by collecting trichomes off the buds or plant matter with a sieve (screen), from which they are left to dry into a powder. The earliest method of obtaining hash was via hand-rubbing the buds over fine silk screens; now, there are more efficient ways to produce it, including using hydrocarbon solvents (like butane) that extract those trichomes without damaging them – this is called solvent extraction . Hash oil is a thick, sticky liquid that's extracted from cannabis through an evaporation process known as "butane extraction." Although butane can be used in this extraction, other solvents like CO2 can be used as well.

If you want to get hash-able trichomes from your marijuana plant material yourself, you'll need to freeze it first to make the trichomes brittle and easy to collect and break off. You can then use a fine sieve or "cotton" (which is actually just silk screen fabric) to separate out the trichomes from the frozen plant matter. The resulting oily substance that gets trapped in this screen is your hash oil concentrate!

It's important for fellow smokers are familiar with these terms when purchasing concentrates : Hash oils come in different consistencies: liquid ( runny ), semi-solid (semi-runny), or solid ( hard/brittle ). 


Most people who've smoked concentrates before are familiar with "budder." The consistency and texture of budder is so velvety-smooth and creamy that it's even referred to as "butter" or "boom-booms," along with other nicknames.  It usually ranges between 20% - 60% THC, and can burn white OR brown (depending on the host material used). Generally the plant material will be full flowers from a female marijuana plant, but sometimes you'll find lesser quality budders made with trim or shake .  Since this concentrate is easy to produce at home, it's one of the cheapest types of concentrates out in the market.

Butane Hash Oil (or BHO)

Butane Hash Oil (or BHO) is a cannabis extract that comes out liquid form because it was extracted using butane gas to superheat the flowers then remove the solvent after extraction which results in an oily substance. This type of concentrate provides quick acting relief for many ailments such as chronic pain!


A cannabis extract that comes out solid form due to being extracted via a chemical process called "purging" which uses alcohol, water or other organic solvents like CO² (carbon dioxide) to dissolve THC crystals from marijuana leaves and hashish. Unlike concentrates made with butane, wax is not only potent because it's high in THC content; it also has medicinal properties too!


A concentrated extract that’s come out in liquid form thanks to being extracted through the pressing process involving heat and pressure to squeeze the essential oils from flowers without using any chemical solvents. This type of concentrate doesn’t provide as intense psychoactive effects but will offer relief for conditions such as chronic pain!


The delicious brownie bites you find in dispensaries are made with cannabis concentrates like hash, wax and rosin which means they'll be a lot higher THC content than your average brownie recipe so keep that in mind when it comes to dosing (you only need one or two just like you would if eating an edible)!

To Be Continued

If you're new to concentrates or just want to learn what they all mean then check out our ultimate list of Medical Cannabis Concentrates! Whether you've got chronic pain, anxiety or even cancer - there's something for everyone here with an informative article about each one so you can find the perfect concentrate for your needs and desires. Happy reading~

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