Cannabis Wax: The Next Big Old Thing?


Wax is a concentrated form of marijuana that can be used in vaporizers or hookah pipes, and it's more potent than traditional marijuana. Wax is a concentrated form of marijuana that can be used in vaporizers or hookah pipes, and it's more potent than traditional marijuana. Thanks to new laws legalizing marijuana use in more than half of United States, many people are finding themselves buying weed for the first time. And if they're anything like me, then the question "how do I get high?" is running through their minds.


Why 'wax' could be the next big old thing in Cannabis


We're not talking about your father's bong, we're talking powerful stuff; wax is 100 percent pure Cannabis concentrate, and it's become increasingly popular among users of medical grade cannabis. Unlike traditional marijuana that contains about 20-25% THC (the high-inducing chemical in pot), wax can have up to 90-100% pure THC.


"It's a higher concentration of plant product, so it has more THC in it," says Joel Shumway , founder and owner at the CannaTech Medicinal Resource Center dispensary in Salt Lake City, Utah. "The weed is heated up below the point of combustion to where there's no smoke."


But nothing is without its risks. "It definitely has the potential for overuse or addiction, especially if you're using it chronically," says Shumway. Plus, no one is quite sure how it reacts with other medications. "I think that more research is needed to see what happens when people are mixing wax with wine or Prozac," says Shumway. But if it's done properly, using a vaporizer , the risk seems to be minimal, and at least for recreational users, the product is legal in some states.


Shumway warns that if you're buying wax on the black market, there's no way of knowing what kind of quality or potency you're getting, so it's better to get it from a reputable dispensary. Plus, there is no way to tell how much THC is in your wax until you eat or smoke it and let the chemical do its thing. Since dosage varies with each individual, Shumway says that consuming wax is more of an art than a science. "A lot of people are still trying to figure out the best way for dosage."


But regardless of its risk, wax is becoming increasingly popular with recreational users who prefer its high potency. "It's pretty much the purest form of cannabis you can get," says Shumway. "It gives you a high that's more clear, if that makes sense." It can be used in vaporizers or hookah pipes, but since it's so pure, Shumway suggests using safer methods to inhale the THC. "It's not healthy to put anything directly into your lungs," says Shumway.


So although wax seems to be the safest and most potent form of Cannabis, it's still not for everyone. "There is a certain percentage of people who just smoke because they like to get high," says Shumway. "If you're one of those people, this probably isn't for you."


But wax is getting so popular that even some dispensaries treat it as a premium product. "People are willing to pay more for it," says Shumway. At The Stone Dispensary, wax can range from $20 to $40 a gram depending on the strain and THC content.


But could this potent form of cannabis be a favorite among health conscious users? Perhaps after a few more scientific studies, we'll all be waxing poetic about this new drug.


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