Cannabis Class: What are Cannabis Diamonds?


Everyone knows the story of Mr. Walter White - a chemistry teacher turned high school dropout turned meth kingpin, and his little brother-in-law, DEA agent Hank Schrader.


I'm not going to summarize the series here (you can read all about it on Wikipedia for free), but I will draw some parallels between what you see on screen and what we're seeing in the real world, because this is a blog about cannabis diamonds.


What are Cannabis Diamonds?


Nowadays, people might be more familiar with Breaking Bad's sister series - Better Call Saul - which also follows the story of Walter White's lawyer after he leaves his life as an upstanding member of society behind to enter the criminal underworld. But I'm not here to talk about that.


I recently found an article on Vice , written by a young woman whose family has deep roots in the business of producing cannabis diamonds (AKA weed rocks). And while she shows you pics of her hydro weed diamonds, I want to show you what real cannabis diamonds look like - because they're nothing like weed rocks.


(Warning: This is a Vice article, and as such, there's some language in here that you probably don't want your boss to see on your screen when he walks by.)


I set out on a journey to learn more about this business, because I wanted to make sure it was legit - after all, who wants to engage in illegal activities?


Now, this article has nothing to do with the business of producing weed diamonds - you can read more about that on Vice or at The Weed Blog , if you're interested. Instead, I want to talk about the product itself.


Cannabis Diamonds are diamond-shaped bits of cannabis indica (a.k.a. marijuana) that are typically rolled in kief (AKA trichomes, AKA crystal). That is, they're basically weed diamonds made of weed rocks.


Cannabis Diamonds are less common than weed diamonds (which can be found pretty much anywhere), because not everyone has access to the amount of kief required to produce them.


The cannabis diamonds I found online are made with Everclear alcohol, water, and kief - which is then heated up in a double boiler (or in something like an Easy-Bake oven) until the liquid evaporates. To get the most out of each bit of weed, it's important to burn off all of the alcohol before smoking.


Typically, cannabis diamonds are made with weed that's been sprayed with a resin gland-removing chemical - usually something like Everclear or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Ingesting this chemical isn't good for your health, but if you let the liquid evaporate without heating it up too much, you're left with clean weed that won't make you sick.


Diamonds are typically formed using a kief press - basically, it's a device for pressing kief into diamonds. But unless you have access to one of these machines, there's no real way of doing it at home without the right equipment. That said, if you know someone in the weed business, they might be able to hook you up with some diamonds - just make sure the person you're getting them from is reliable.


Now, these are small bits of "diamonds," so it's not really fair to compare them directly with rhinestones or cubic zirconia, which are both diamonds in their own right, but it's important to be aware of the difference between weed diamonds and real diamonds if you're trying to purchase one. As you can see in the photograph above, cannabis diamonds are not transparent, nor do they have a cubic shape - both qualities that genuine diamonds possess.


In addition to this lack of transparency, there's also a lack of symmetry in weed diamonds, so they typically have different shapes - even if you own the same type of mold.


As I mentioned earlier, there are some people out there who cover their cannabis diamonds in kief (just like how weed diamonds are made with resin gland-removing chemicals), but it's important to note that this will increase the risk of accidentally exposing yourself from inhaling harmful chemicals.


In other words, it's best to get weed diamonds that have been made without resin gland-removing chemicals if you want to be on the safe side.


Best of all - cannabis diamonds won't make your breath smell bad! In fact, after a few puffs, your breath will be smelling pretty damn good.


So if you're a heavy smoker and you're looking for a smooth smoke that won't leave you with awful morning breath, cannabis diamonds might just be the thing for you!


Cannabis Diamonds are rare, lab-created, super sparkly and 100% legal diamonds made from high grade marijuana. We were intrigued by this new diamond alternative so we had to get in touch with a representative at the Cannabis Diamond company and ask them what exactly is cannabis?


"Cannabinoid crystals grow on the surface of the marijuana plant due to a natural process called crystallization. When the crystals are saturated with THC, they can be extracted and processed into pure 1 carat diamonds." – Cannabis Diamond Representative


Now if you're a smoker or simply someone who has seen some weed in their time, you might be inclined to think that these crystals look familiar. Well, you'd be right! The crystals that grow on the marijuana plant are in fact identical to those beautiful resin candies known as hash.


Cannabis Diamonds: Legal & Safe


This pretty much means that anyone who has ever smoked weed would have been in possession of cannabis diamonds without even knowing it! And although this is a bit of an odd thought, there's no doubt that one Cannabis Diamond is far more valuable than your average piece of weed.


Obviously, you don't want to have your cannabis diamonds lying about for people to find. Luckily, there are cases available where you can store and hide them easily so that nobody will ever be any the wiser! Anyways, I hope this article was helpful - thanks for reading! If there's something I missed or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!


As always... stay lit!

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