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The Differences Between CBD and THC

The chemical compounds CBD and THC are in Cannabis. They are the two most common cannabinoids, or natural chemicals, makeup Cannabis. CBD and THC have a lot of differences between them, but they also have a lot of similarities.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol.

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Versus: Great Cannabis Shatter or Great Cannabis Wax, You Choose!

What is the difference between a shatter and wax and which one should you try first? Shatter and wax are the two most popular types of cannabis concentrates, and understanding the uses of each is important in making an informed purchase.


Both shatter and wax have been gaining popularity due to their potency and efficiency. They are the perfect answer for individuals who want to get a major dose with just one hit from a joint, dab rig, or vaporizer.


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Cannabis vs Alcohol: Which is Better for a Healthier Society?

This is a question asked by millions of people who live with the negative effects of alcohol abuse . Everyone has their own opinions and some would argue that there is no comparison. I am not here to say whether or not one plant or drug is better than the other I am here for you to see which will lead you back to jail quicker if you were caught with it in your system and/or have possession of it. So here we go.

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Cannabis and Hemp: What is the difference

For thousands of years humans have used hemp for it's 'fibre' which was made into rope, fabric, paper and plastic. Hemp fibre has been found in Egyptian artefacts dating back to 2000BC. The word 'canvas' originally was a word for a type of hemp fabric.

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Can I buy weed in Colorado as a resident of Maryland?

Yes, you can buy weed in Colorado as a resident of Maryland, and yes, you have to smoke it in Colorado. Last September's historic vote legalizing marijuana use and sale for recreational purposes gives residents of the state the opportunity to get their hands on one ounce or less of weed legally - as long as they stay in the Centennial State.

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Can you buy a pound of Cannabis?

No. It is a violation of federal law for any person knowingly or intentionally to possess a controlled substance unless the substance was obtained directly from, or pursuant to, a prescription or order of a practitioner while acting in the course of his professional practice. 21 U.S.C. §844(?)(1).

I mean you can, if you're a dealer or distributor. 


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Cannabis Class: Differences Between CBD Oil And Cannabis Oil?

People who have tried cannabis will agree that there are some strains which deliver a more powerful high compared to others but both situations can give you different impact of hit. The fact is that cannabis has many varieties and types and each strain will affect your body differently. It is really important that you know how these strains will affect your body before you use it.

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Cannabis Class: CBD Oil vs Cannabis Oil

In this article we'll take a look at the key differences between cannabis oil and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. There's often a lot of confusion when it comes to CBD cannabis oil and what the differences are between them.

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Cannabis Sativa vs Indica: Around the World in 4000 years

The Cannabis plant is a weed that grows in many different environments across the world, from the arid deserts of central Asia to dense forests in South Africa. The plant is also highly adaptive and mutates or cross breeds with other plants to make new Cannabis strains.

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Cannabis Should be Legal Worldwide #Facts

The war on drugs has been a tremendous failure, resulting in devastating consequences to individuals and society as a whole. The vast majority of these harms result from prohibition itself. Making cannabis illegal doesn't stop people from using it; in fact, criminalization leads many people to try or continue using pot for cool factor or out of fear of legal repercussions. Cannabis prohibition has created a far more dangerous market for the drug, and makes it difficult for users to avoid contaminated products or those that are laced with other drugs. 

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Cannabis Class: What is Cannabis Shatter?

Cannabis shatter is a type of concentrate, meaning it is created with the use of solvents rather than heat. These solvents are typically butane or carbon dioxide. The process results in a thick, amber liquid with exceptional purity and potency. It is used for dabbing but can be administered in other ways as well.

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Best Practices for Clean Cannabis Concentrates & Dabs

There are a ton of different Cannabis concentrates out on the market right now; everything from Cannabis resin to Cannabis oil to Cannabis wax. Each one has their own unique melting point and each has their own unique way for production. Cannabis concentrate is produced using different solvent extraction methods like butane, ethanol or CO2 (carbon dioxide).

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Cannabis Wax: The Next Big Old Thing?

Wax is a concentrated form of marijuana that can be used in vaporizers or hookah pipes, and it's more potent than traditional marijuana. Wax is a concentrated form of marijuana that can be used in vaporizers or hookah pipes, and it's more potent than traditional marijuana. Thanks to new laws legalizing marijuana use in more than half of United States, many people are finding themselves buying weed for the first time. And if they're anything like me, then the question "how do I get high?" is running through their minds.


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Harvesting Cannabis: The Indoor Scoop (Part 1)

This is the first part of our Harvesting Cannabis: The Indoor Scoop series. Please subscribe for more content - Cannabis.Page 

The flowering period for cannabis indoors is the most important step in the process. It's crucial to learn how to properly harvest your plants before they are ready, drying & curing them properly, and storing them until ready to smoke or make edibles. The final product can be greatly affected by when it's harvested. Outdoors you have more leeway and can wait until the end of October to harvest plants, but with indoor growing you must be more precise with your timing.

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Growing Cannabis: Differences Between Lighting Indoors (Part 1)

Cannabis needs at least 12 hours of sun each day to grow and thrive. That's why the modern marijuana grower uses HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamps, which feature large bulbs and a high level of light intensity.


Many indoor growers supplement their lighting systems with fluorescent grow lights, which are usually red or blue in color to capture only those parts of the spectrum that promote plant growth. These lamps are available in compact fluorescents, but are mostly used in large metal halide lamps due to the higher light intensity they generate.


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Dab Pens: Cleaner than Traditional Smoking Methods?

The short answer is that dab pens vaporize your Cannabis concentrates instead of burning them, which means you are inhaling vapors instead of inhalable particulates.

What are these inhalable particulates? 

The long answer involves some discussion of smoke chemistry and combustion processes. For the purposes of this article we'll sum it up by saying that inhaling smoke from burning plant matter means you're also inhaling burnt plant matter that is still loaded with the same carcinogens as it was before combustion.

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Top 11 Things to Consider about Cannabis Concentrates

As the cannabis industry transitions from the black market into a more legitimate and public arena, many first-time users may be shying away from their old methods of getting high and trying new, creative ways to use cannabis. One such way is through concentrated cannabis products like dabs, shatter, wax, butane hash oil (BHO), rosin , and ice wax. Dabs are a special type of cannabis concentrate, where cannabinoids have been extracted from the plant matter using butane or carbon dioxide – then made into a smokable material that contains very high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – ranging from 40-90%. Here's a top nine list to help you get a better idea of what to expect when you try dabs for the first time.

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Top 10 Cannabis Concentrate Reviews found on Google My Business (GMB)

Cannabis concentrate reviews can be a funny topic. Some people believe that they're the best way to consume cannabis, while others believe things that don’t matter. Welcome to the first installment of our new blog series, “Top 10 Cannabis Concentrate Reviews found on Google My Business.” In this series we will be reviewing different cannabis concentrates for you and your consumption needs. This week we are highlighting the top ten reviews from a search with keywords: "cannabis concentrate." Let's get started with reviewing 10 top rated cannabis concentrates found on Google My Business!

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Ultimate list of (Most) Cannabis Concentrates

Are you a cannabis user looking to experiment with different concentrates? Confused by the many different types of concentrates available and how they compare? If so, then this is the post for you!  In this blog post we will explore various common types of cannabis concentrates. We'll look at what each concentrate contains, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. Let's get started...

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Cannabis Class: What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates are a group of very potent products made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis plants using alternative methods. Unlike edibles or topicals which are primarily used for medical purposes, concentrates tend to be more appropriate for recreational use where they can also be vaped or used in a dab rig.


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